Caring  for seedlings

Our method

Caring for seedlings

In the previous step, the implementation of the strategic plan took place. Now it is just a matter of time until these seeds grow into profitable crops. A seed needs more than just time for the right growth, namely water. In Growing Lemon's working method, water stands for attention and analysis. This provides us with insights into the data and accurately track growth and development through monitoring and analysis.

Caring for


Growing Lemon keeps a close eye on the growth and development of our activities by collecting data on our efforts. However, this data is collected and viewed in many different places. To make it as easy as possible for our clients, Growing Lemon builds a digital dashboard with this data. In one glance you can see the current performance of your company. It is also possible to compare the data with the previous period in one click. In this way, Growing Lemon makes the digital impact understandable and comprehensible for everyone.

Caring for

Quantitative analysis

So data is at the heart of the digital world. But what exactly does this data tell us? For the best growth of the digital seeds into a profitable crop, you need to invest time and attention. That is why we regularly carry out quantitative analyses to translate the data into logical conclusions and results.

The Growing Lemon team is familiar with many different tools that collect and analyse data. Within the digital world, Growing Lemon works with the existing tools of your company. In addition, Growing Lemon implements specific tools to subsequently collect and analyse data. Based on years of experience in the digital world, we then draw conclusions and adjust our strategy where necessary.

Like in a real greenhouse, each seed has a different growing time to shoot out roots. The growing conditions may also differ. Growing Lemon also takes this into account and intervenes where necessary.